Warranty Conditions

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The following definitions apply in the warranty conditions:

End User: the natural or legal person who has purchased a Product from a Sonic Retailer for personal use, without the intention to sell the Product to third parties or install it at the premises of others.
Products: all goods, usage rights and other proprietary rights of (the label) Sonic which are sold via authorised Sonic Retailers and destined for End Users.
Sonic: Sonic Equipment BV, a private company with limited liability, registered in Purmerend, the Netherlands, and with its place of business at Component 114, 1446 WP Purmerend, the Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce No. 37113345) and its affiliates. Sonic Retailer: any sales outlet of a natural or legal person exercising a profession or business, and which is authorised by Sonic to sell Products to End Users as a reseller of Sonic Equipment BV.
Sonic Warranty: the warranty in these Warranty Conditions for End Users of Products.
Warranty Conditions: these warranty conditions of Sonic Equipment BV which apply to Products of Sonic that are sold to End Users through authorised Sonic Retailers.

Definitions can be used in both singular and plural, without loss of substantive meaning.


Sonic only supplies Products through Sonic Retailers. Products are manufactured for intensive and professional use. All Products are manufactured and put together with the utmost care, and they undergo the most stringent quality and production controls. Nevertheless, problems with material and/or workmanship may arise. The Sonic Warranty only warrants defects in workmanship or materials that prevent their use and to the extent set out in these Warranty Conditions. The Sonic Warranty does not include any right to indemnification or compensation in any form whatsoever. Sonic is and shall not liable for any incidental, special or consequential losses, costs or damages. The Warranty Conditions do not affect mandatory legal warranty obligations in any way.


The length of the warranty is always dependent on the Product concerned, and is specified in the catalogue and/or on the Sonic website. The warranty commences when the End User purchases the Product. The Sonic Warranty is only valid upon presentation of proof of purchase of the Product with clear date of purchase, and subject to registration of the Product to the extent required. The Sonic Warranty for storage systems is only valid if the storage system is properly registered on the Sonic website. The Sonic Warranty is not transferable and only valid for the End User who directly purchases a Product from a Sonic Retailer. It is not valid for subsequent users. The End User must report to the Sonic Retailer when making a claim under the Sonic Warranty.

If Sonic considers that a Product is covered by the Sonic Warranty, it will repair or replace the Product at its sole discretion, taken into account the duration of the use of the Product. Replaced Products become the property of Sonic. If a Product is no longer in Sonic’s range, Sonic may at its sole discretion supply a similar Product or provide a refund by means of a voucher.

Any work performed under warranty must be carried out by Sonic. The shipping costs for assessing the Sonic Warranty must be borne by the sender. The Sonic Warranty covers parts, labour and return to sender. Replaced and repaired Products are also covered by the Sonic Warranty. The length of the Sonic Warranty is not extended or renewed if parts are replaced, repaired or supplied.
Sonic regularly changes and improves various Products according to market demands and/or improvements in technology. Products listed in the catalogue are subject to changes of both a technical and visual nature, without further notice. Sonic reserves the right to make changes in design, construction or technology at any time without incurring any obligation in incorporating such changes in
Products of Sonic previously sold or sent for repair.

Length of the Warranty

Sonic offers four warranty options in addition to the legal warranty. Unless specified otherwise, the Sonic Warranty is for a period of 10 years.

SG3: This warranty is for a period of 3 years.
SG2: This warranty is for a period of 2 years.
SG1. This warranty is for a period of 1 year.
SGX: These items have no warranty.

Warranty exclusions

The Sonic Warranty does not cover the following situations and/or components:

- Defects due to normal wear and tear;
- A given warranty for the Products by any other person or entity than Sonic;
- Defects caused by excessive loading and/or incorrect use and/or improper use and/or careless use of the Product (including usage contrary to instructions), included but not limited to misuse, accident, modification, alternation, unreasonable use, abuse, neglect, use in product related service;
- Defects resulting from modifications or repairs carried out by others than Sonic;
- Defects caused by lack of maintenance and/or poor maintenance and/or use of incorrect cleaning materials. It is essential to refer to the cleaning instructions on the Sonic website when cleaning storage systems;
- Defects resulting from force majeure or any other cause beyond Sonic’s control, including but not limited to external violence, natural disasters, fire, floods, lightning, exposure to moisture, etc.;
- Consumables, including Products/parts which are sensitive to usage or wear. Such items include drill bits, saw blades, grinding discs, knife blades, files, scrapers, crowbars, batteries, knives, O2 sensors, etc.


Dimensions shown in the catalogue have been rounded to the nearest fractional size or nearest tenth millimeter and are not exact Product specifications.