MSS+: Premium workplaces, Ultimate workflow.
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Sonic Modular Storage Solutions plus (MSS+) is our pride when it comes to modular storage solutions. This high-quality product line is designed for true professionals, who accept nothing less than the best.

  • Modular construction
  • Over 100 different modules & elements
  • Visualize your setup with our Sonic 3D configurator
  • 1,4 mm sheet & steel self-supporting system
  • Compatible with the Sonic Foam System
Setup+1+ +Exploded+(Without+Laptop+Holder)
The strength is in the details
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Inspired by the many stories and experiences of professionals from the work field, we started the intensive design process of Sonic MSS+. Together with the brightest engineers and product designers from the UK, our technical team thoroughly researched the international range of modular storage solutions.

  • High-capacity drawers (up to 230KG per drawer)
  • Safety drawer blocking system for mobile cabinets
  • Combination safety lock for each cabinet
  • 10-year warranty
MSS Plus 1080X1080px 11
Premium production process
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You only create premium workplaces with the best materials. We strive for the highest possible quality and have selected the best raw materials for Sonic MSS+. Cutting edge technologies from Germany, Italy and Finland including laser cutters, punch presses, press brakes and electrostatic powder coating applications guarantee the premium quality of MSS+.

  • Electrostatic powder coating to protect against scratches, wear & corrosion
  • Composite or Stainless Steel top blade
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Sonic MSS+ Configurator
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Our MSS+ 3D configurator offers the possibility to design the perfect workplace for your workshop. We create the ultimate workflow with our modular MSS+ elements and arrange everything from planning to design and delivery in your workshop.

Interested? Contact our Sonic Support Team or enquire at your regular Sonic dealer.

MSS +Ipad+Configurator With+Print+Screen+(With+Padding)


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